Back to the Future

In our family, we don’t usually give gifts to adults for events such as Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, etc. Instead, we come up with creative non-purchased gifts, and/or donations to deserving non-profit organizations. The only requirement is a card explaining the gift/donation, and a couple of verses of cheesy poetry.

title page 3For Hanukkah 2013, Sharon and I decided to have a little fun with a gift for our parents … these pictures were put in a small “brag book” photo album (cover at right). Among the gift donations was one to Happy Hollow’s Educational Instruction program. Happily, the goats are still out in full force. However, they no longer have an open area where visitors can pick up birds. Lucky for us, the staff was very helpful in sneaking us into an area where we could take photos with doves from their educational program!

Back to the Future
Just what does that mean?
Looking ahead at years to come…
Or revisiting a favorite scene?

Back to the Future
Recreating the best old poses
Was quite a fun-filled adventure
Especially finding matching clothes-es

Back to the Future
That’s where we’re gonna go
Let’s revisit the 50’s and 60’s
Now get ready for the show!


birds 4x6 before 2 birds 4x6 after

goats 4x6 before 2 goats 4x6 after

striped shirts 4x6 before striped shirts 4x6 after


modeling 4x6 before modeling 4x6 after

tahoe 4x6 before 2 tahoe 4x6 after

oak 4x6 before oak 4x6 after

tunnel 4x6 before tunnel 4x6 after


jammies 4x6 before 72dpijammies 4x6 after 72dpi

horsie 4x6 before horsie 4x6 after

white dress 4x6 before white dress 4x6 after

cottage cheese 4x6 before cottage cheese 4x6 after


Thanks to Secret Sushi and Heather & Debbie at Happy Hollow, Kim & Jennifer at Dress Barn, Alex & Daniel at Tahoe Keys, The Random Jogger at Oak, and Mike Stambaugh for all of your help with taking photos. Thanks to Alison for shlepping to thrift stores all over Fremont in search of a horsie, and those nice ladies at JoAnn that helped Lisa wade through many books of dress patterns.