Articles and Stories

Back to the Future Photo Project — Sharon and I had a little fun with a gift for our parents, by recreating a bunch of our childhood photos. [December 2013]

Alison and Kevin get married — Photos and details of the most fabulous wedding ever! [June 2012]

Mark graduates from Cal Poly SLO — Leave it to Mark to stand out in the crowd! [June 2011]

Mike cooks at Kuleto’s — On our 30th anniversary, I gave Mike an unusual gift: I made a donation to the San Francisco Food Bank and in return secured an invitation for him to be “Chef for a Day” at Kuleto’s restaurant. [June 2010]

Alison and Mike go to Thailand — See photos and read Mike’s stories from the trip. [January/February 2008]

Irv’s story in the San Jose Mercury News — Irv was profiled by columnist Mike Cassidy. Great tale of his escapades as a performing magician at local venues, and some insight into his surprising history. [March 2008]

Alison’s story in the Fremont Argus — Local reporter Jaime Richards featured Alison in a story about what it takes to get into vet school. [September 2008]

Mike’s date with Laurie Roberts — KFOX (98.5 FM) had a big charity auction, where each DJ offered a prize package. For Mike’s 50th birthday present, I purchased the private tour and wine-tasting with Laurie Roberts (AKA “The Goddess of the Airwaves”), at Savannah Chanelle in Saratoga. [May 2005]